When will I receive my K-1 for the prior tax year?

We provide prior tax year information sequentially as it becomes available:

  • By the end of February: We will post a summary of your investments as well as information about which of your investments will result in a K-1. As a reminder, you will receive a K-1 only for investments with taxable activity in the prior year.

  • By the end of March: We will post a tax package that includes tax information for all investments requiring a K-1. Note that in a small number of cases, we may be waiting on underlying tax data from other parties. In these cases, we will not be able to publish final K-1s until we receive that data. Any impacted tax packages will indicate that they contain estimates.

  • April through August: AngelList will update tax packages containing estimates and finalize K-1s as we receive outstanding tax information. You'll receive notifications as these K-1s are finalized.

Please note that we're not able to provide tax advice and we encourage you to check out other articles on the AngelList Venture Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any answers not addressed in the Help Center, don't hesitate to contact us at taxes@angellist.com.

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