When will I receive my K-1 for the prior tax year?

When will I receive my K-1?

We provide tax information for the prior calendar year as it becomes available:

  • By March 1st: A summary of investments expecting a K-1 and estimated delivery dates will be viewable on your AngelList dashboard.
  • By April 2nd: Both Final and Estimated Schedules K-1s can be accessed directly from your AngelList dashboard, including final versions due on April 2nd and estimated versions for funds with later delivery dates.
  • April to August: Any remaining Schedules K-1 will be made available for download from your AngelList dashboard. Your dashboard will show the most up-to-date estimated delivery dates for your K-1s and you will be notified by email as they are made available.

For more information on Estimated Schedule K-1s, please see the following articles:

Will I receive a K-1?

As a reminder, you will only receive Schedules K-1 for investments that have taxable activity (e.g. income, expenses, etc.) that occurred in the prior calendar year or for investments that were initial year investments in the prior calendar year. If there was no taxable activity on an investment in the prior calendar, we will note this in your tax materials as "not issuing".

Can you expedite my Schedule K-1 or finalize my Estimate K-1?

We can't expedite K-1s due to high volume and reliance on external data. We strive to ensure accuracy and timeliness for all investors on the platform.

Please note that we're not able to provide tax advice and strongly recommend that you consult with your tax advisor. For technical or tax reporting support, please contact taxes@belltowerfunds.com.

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