How do I close my investment with the portfolio company founders?

Investment Approval Process

Once you've submitted information about your investment, our team will review to ensure it doesn't violate any terms of your fund. You'll receive an email when your investment is approved that includes a link that you can send founders that guides them through uploading wire instructions and signing documents. If you prefer, you can simply send founders the signature block and introduce them to our team via email.

Note: We have only recently released the option to send founders a link to select fund managers. If you'd like to have the option to use a link, please email your account manager or and mention this article.


The email to you will look like this:



What does the flow look like for founders?

Founders will then be guided through 2 main steps:

  • Uploading Wire Instructions
    • Founders can upload a wire instructions document or enter them manually
  • Document Collection
    • Founders can choose to:
      1. Generate and sign a SAFE directly in the flow (only relevant for SAFE investments)
      2. Send documents through an e-signature service, like DocuSign
      3. Send documents to our team via email

You can see what founders will see here (please do not submit the form if possible).


Wire Instructions

Founders can manually enter wire information or choose to upload.




If the investment is using a SAFE, we first give founders the option to generate and sign a SAFE directly in the flow. If they prefer, they can provide their own documents and click the "Provide documents" button.


If they choose to generate a SAFE, they'll be asked to provide signatory and company information that are used to generate the SAFE. Then, they'll be able to review the generated document and sign.




If they choose to provide their own documents or the investment is not using a SAFE note, founders can choose to use an eSignature service (like DocuSign) or email documents to our team.


Once they've finished the flow, we'll send you and the founders an email letting you know that our team is reviewing their documents and sending the wire.





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