What is Wishlist Capital?

Wishlist allows LPs to indicate deals of interest to them and makes fundraising more efficient for leads by providing them access to these LPs, which we call Wishlist Capital.

LPs build a Wishlist of the companies in which they would like to invest. Leads syndicating a deal for those companies can then extend an invite to those interested LPs.


How it works for LPs

  1. LPs can place a non-binding request to invest in any private venture-backed startup via Wishlist. The request includes an investment amount, which can be changed at any time.

    Note: to use Wishlist, LPs must be authorized to invest on a deal-by-deal basis

  2. If there is an opportunity to invest in a company on the LP’s Wishlist, the LP will receive an email inviting them to invest. The LP does not have to join the syndicate to invest in the opportunity (although they're welcome to).


How it works for leads

  1. If the lead opted-in to AngelList Platform Capital, the Wishlist Capital option will appear on the Overview page of their deal. Non-US deals and RUVs are not included at this point.


  2. The LPs will receive an email inviting them to your deal, and they will see all the deal materials.
    1. Wishlist LPs count against the investor limits of your SPV.
    2. Wishlist invites do not count against Platform Capital Invites.
  3. Wishlist LPs are considered AngelList Platform LPs. This means you'll receive 5% less carry on their investments.


Can a lead cancel Wishlist Capital once enabled?

Invitations to the Wishlist LPs cannot be canceled without contacting AngelList.


Why are the identities of the Wishlist Capital LPs hidden?

This limitation is in place to ensure fair access to Wishlist Capital. Wishlist Capital LPs are under the same confidentiality obligations as all other LPs on the AngelList Platform.

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