When is the deadline for my funds to arrive?

The funds for your investment need to arrive by the deal's closing deadline. The only exception to this is Crypto funds, which must have been sent by the deal's closing deadline - confirmation of the transaction will appear on your funding accounts page once this is sent according to AngelList's instructions.

This means that to ensure your investment can be completed, you should send funds:

You are able to pre-fund your account if you are concerned about funding delays. If you are funding investments via ACH, you also have the option to enable auto-refill, which maintains the balance in your funding account so that funds are always available for you to invest.

If you are investing through a new entity, we encourage you to fund the investment at the same time that you are completing KYC verification and accreditation verification. Your funds will be held in escrow until you are a verified investor, but can then be applied immediately to your investment.

If your funds are not received by the time the deal closes, you may be canceled from the deal. If you're sending in a wire transfer, feel free to forward the wire confirmation from your bank to invest@angellist.com for tracking purposes.

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