Which IRA Custodians does AngelList support?

Below is a list of direct-custody IRA providers which AngelList supports. Please note these are not recommendations.

  • Alto IRA
  • American Estate & Trust
  • Equity Trust Company
  • The Entrust Group
  • Forge Trust
  • GoldStar Trust Company
  • IRA Financial
  • IRAR Trust Company
  • LT Trust
  • Madison Trust Company
  • Midland Trust Company
  • Millennium Trust Company
  • Next Generation Trust Company
  • Pacific Premier Trust
  • Provident Trust
  • STRATA Trust Company

If your provider is not listed, please check that your provider can support private placements into funds (most IRA providers will consider this an alternative investment). Please review the below, which may be helpful to share with your IRA custodian to determine whether it is administratively feasible to invest on AngelList through your IRA.

  • AngelList is not an IRA custodian but can set up your investment to be placed with an IRA as long as we can support the IRA provider’s requirements.
  • AngelList generally cannot accommodate investments through entities subject to ERISA or FOIA except in rare and exceptional circumstances. Please reach out to invest@angel.co if your entity is subject to ERISA or FOIA.
  • Most funds on AngelList are not subject to financial audits. Please reach out to invest@angel.co if this is a requirement from your IRA custodian
  • The asset type for investments on AngelList is private placement into a fund. When investing in deals on AngelList, investors do not invest directly in a portfolio company but rather in a fund, which in turn pools capital to invest in an underlying portfolio company. Since LPs do not invest directly in portfolio companies, we are generally not able to provide sensitive information such as price per share or the number of shares/units that a fund owns.
  • AngelList will provide the net asset value of your IRA’s investments on your AngelList Investor Dashboard so that your IRA custodian can comply with their tax filing obligations. You can provide this directly or use our Team Member function to provide your custodian with direct access. Please note that valuations are delayed by 90 days as a matter of policy.
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