How can I close investments through my IRA?

You can create your IRA entity when you're about to sign for your first commitment in the LP Investment Flow. 

Choose "New Investment Entity" and then select "through an IRA"

Then, fill out the information requested and choose your IRA custodian. The flow from there will help you through the process. Please make sure the legal name is an exact match with the IRA custodian's legal name for your IRA.

Once the IRA entity is created, you can select this entity when you close investments on AngelList. If you plan to invest through your IRA, we recommend investing at least 2 weeks before the closing deadline. Please note that all investments signed on the AngelList platform are final: consider investing personally or via another entity if you are not sure you can fund via your IRA on time.

If you need assistance with custodian forms, subscription agreements, or any other document for your IRA provider, please email us at

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