Can I designate a beneficiary in the event of my death?

No, we do not yet have the capability for you to add beneficiaries in the AngelList platform yet. If your will, estate, or other legal document provides for a beneficiary in the event of your death, we will honor the terms of that will, estate, or other legal document.  The executor of your estate (or another person with a bona fide power-of-attorney) will need to reach out to us at and provide us with the necessary information so that we can assist in updating the fund’s records to your designated beneficiary.
If you'd like to grant someone view access now (rather than conditionally upon your death), you can add a team member to your AngelList account using the instructions here. You can set the permissions to read-only or set additional permissions, depending on your preferences.  Alternatively, you can invest via a revocable trust where you and your intended heirs are both grantors if you have a revocable trust in existence.
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