How do I fund my investments with crypto?

You are now able to fund your investments using USDC, DAI or ETH. There are a few important restrictions to note when funding investments via USDC or DAI:

  • AngelList is only able to accept USDC, DAI, or ETH sent on
  • Fees:
    • A processing fee of 2.5% (with a cap of $500) will be deducted from your investment amount for settlement, custody, and trading costs associated with your payment in USDC
    • If you do not transfer an additional amount to cover this fee your capital commitment to the Fund will be reduced accordingly
  • Layer2 (via BitGo) will custody your crypto
  • Layer2 (via BitGo) will exchange it and transfer USD to your AngelList account
  • AngelList will not own or control your crypto
  • AngelList does not support withdrawals via crypto

To fund your investment using USDC:

1. When you sign for an investment, select "Crypto" in the LP investment flow.


2. When you finish signing for your investment, you will be taken to the "Next Steps" screen. Click "View USDC Instructions."

3. You will need to agree to the terms of funding via USDC, including:

Check the boxes to agree to the terms, and click "Continue."

4. Use the instructions to send USDC via the Ethereum network. This address is associated to this specific investment. Future investments will use a new address. Once you have sent the USDC to the address, click to confirm that you've sent funds.

5. You will receive a confirmation email that includes the transaction hash with an embedded link to Etherscan. Funds should appear in your AngelList funding account within 3 business days of your on-chain deposit.


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