How do I set Email Preferences?

To set your email preferences, navigate to this page (available in your Invest dashboard - click your photo in the top right corner and then "Account Settings"). 

From here, you can toggle email types on and off depending on what you would like to receive.


Further down, you can set your preferences on how often you would like to receive Deal Invites and updates on Invited Deals under "Global Syndicate Preferences." If you select "Immediately", you'll receive the email notification about a new deal invite or update as soon as the Lead sends it out, whereas "Daily Digest" will send you one email per day with a list of your invited deals and any updates thereto. You can also toggle Portfolio Company Updates on or off in this section.

Under the "Custom Syndicate Preferences" tab, you can set those same specific preferences for each of the syndicates you're subscribed to. Simply search the syndicate name in the search bar and select what custom email settings you would like for that particular syndicate.


The last setting on the Emails Page is related to our on-platform messaging app. Toggle this selection on (Green) to receive an email notification whenever you receive an AL Platform message. 


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