How do I update my mailing address?

In most cases, you can update your mailing address from your Tax Information page

Select your investing entity, then select the type of entity it is for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Please note that AngelList cannot provide tax advice, including how your entity is classified.


From there, you will update your address and submit the new tax information.


Tax information submitted by January 24, 2023 will be incorporated on 2022 tax forms.


In some cases, address updates may be affected by country regulations. If you are unable to update your mailing address through your Tax Information page, please email for assistance. Our team may require evidence of the address change (i.e. a utility bill showing your new address, a photo of your driver's license with the new address, etc.). Once that's confirmed, we will update your information in our system and your new address will be reflected on future K-1's. 

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