How do permissions work for deal invite links?

Personalized Invites vs Custom Invite Links

When inviting LPs to your deal, you can choose to send a personalized invite (invite them directly through the dashboard) or to send them an invite link. Sending personalized invites is the most secure way to invite LPs, as each LP receives a personalized invitation with a URL that cannot be opened by anyone else. 


Custom Invite Links

You can create custom invite links at the bottom of the Invite page within your SPV dashboard. You should only need to use custom invite links when inviting LPs who are not yet in your network. If you're sending a link to someone who is not yet in your syndicate, you'll need to send them an unrestricted link. Unrestricted links can be opened and viewed by anyone with an AngelList Venture account, so you should only use these when you trust the person not to forward to others. If you're sending a link out to your syndicate network, you should use a restricted or blocked link. This way, your network can view the deal, but if the link is forwarded to anyone else, they will not able to.


Overview of Link Types:

  • Unrestricted
    • Anyone who logs in with or creates an AngelList account can view these links.
  • Restricted
    • Members of your syndicate can view the deal, and non-members will see a prompt to apply to join your syndicate. You can then approve their application and send them an invite.
  • Blocked
    • Members of your syndicate can view the deal, and non-members will see an error page.


How to Prevent Deal Leaks

Whenever possible, you should choose to send a Restricted or Blocked link. Anyone in your syndicate will be able to view the deal, and if someone happens to forward it outside of your network, that person won't be able to view the details of the deal.


Why can't I share an unrestricted link in a post to my network?

We strongly discourage GPs from sharing unrestricted links in posts to their network. In the event an email notification about the post is shared outside of your network, the deal will be viewable. Posts are only sent to your syndicate network, so everyone can view a blocked or restricted link, and there is no benefit to your network for the link to be unrestricted. 

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