How do I delete or cancel my SPV?

Draft SPVs are SPVs that you have not yet submitted to our team. You can delete these in your dashboard. You can also cancel SPVs that you have already submitted to our team.


Deleting Draft SPVs

To delete a draft deal that has not yet been submitted to our team, navigate to the Vehicles page and find the SPV that you'd like to delete. Click on the dots on the far righthand-side of the row, and click "Delete Draft." You will be asked to confirm before we actually delete your SPV. Deletion cannot be undone. 



You can also delete an SPV in the setup flow by clicking "Delete Draft" on the bottom lefthand-corner of the screen.



Cancel SPVs

You can cancel any deal that has not yet been wired for. If you've already started talking with our team about closing a deal, please email us as soon as possible about a deal cancellation, to ensure we do not sign or wire for the deal.

Please Note: Canceling a deal cannot be undone. Funds will be returned to LPs, and you'll need to redo the entire SPV submission and review process if you wish to run the deal again.


To cancel your SPV, navigate to the relevant SPV Dashboard and... 


You can also delete your SPV from the Vehicles page.



If no LPs have signed, you can simply confirm you'd like to cancel your deal. Please Note: Canceling a deal cannot be undone.



If LPs have already signed, then we'll ask for a cancellation reason, as well as a note to include to any LPs who have already signed. Providing more information to LPs is optional, but highly recommended, as it helps reduce future reach outs from LPs. 



Once you submit the cancellation, we'll email the signed LPs a cancellation notice. You'll receive a confirmation email as well. 


Here's an example of an email to LPs:



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