How does the new SPV Dashboard work?

SPV Dashboard Overview

  • Our Vehicles page lets you navigate to any of your SPVs quickly and easily.
  • The Overview page gives you a summary of your deal, and includes action items to make understanding your next steps easier, as well as an overview of AngelList Capital.
  • The Details page includes a table of contents that makes it quick to jump to the section you're trying to edit.
  • The list of LPs on the Manage Page is shown in a searchable, sortable table.
  • You can edit an LP's carry directly in the product, with some restrictions.


Our Vehicles page allows you to filter for SPVs in a specific state, search by company name, or sort by any of the columns in the table.  

Once inside the dashboard for a specific SPV, clicking on the name of the company gives you a dropdown to switch to other deal dashboards, without having to go back to the Vehicles page.


The Overview page gives you a summary of what's happening with your deal. It includes:

  • Fundraising Overview
    • Quickly view how much capital has been committed and collected
  • Action Items
    • View reminders to make your lead investment, as well as finalize deal partnerships
  • Deal Partners
  • Documents
    • Access deal documents once your deal is finalized
  • Timeline of Closing Process
    • Easily reference the steps of our closing process


The Details page includes a table of contents on the left that makes it quicker to jump to relevant sections. We also have warnings to remind you when changing deal information post-launch that it may require sending an opt-out to LPs.




On the Invite page,  you can continue to send LPs in your syndicate email invites that include personalized links that no one else can open, or you can manually send custom invite links yourself. In addition, you can block individual LPs or block LPs by tag.


When sending personalized invites, you can:

  • Filter for LPs using the same filters available on your LP Network page
  • Filter for LPs by tags (which can be set on your LP Network page or within the Invite tab)
  • Set custom minimum and maximum investment amounts, as well as carry
  • Preview the invite email that LPs will receive
  • View your invite history for a given deal- when you sent out invites, to whom, and what your message said.


When creating custom invite links, you have the ability to:

  • Set an optional, maximum investment
  • Set custom carry
  • Restrict links to syndicate backers and whether non-backers are prompted to back your syndicate or simply see an error message
  • Enable or disable the links within your dashboard



The Manage page is where you manage your raise. You can see how much capital you've raised so far, as well as a list of the LPs you've invited and whether they have chosen to invest.

The list of LPs invited to the deal is now shown in a searchable, sortable table. You can filter for LPs in a certain state, or you can search for LPs by name. You can also sort any of the columns. Hovering over the status for a given row will provide you with more details, including whether we've already reminded the LP or not.



Clicking on an LP will bring up more information about them in a sidebar on the right. You can see the status of their investment, how they were invited to the deal, and their investing history with you.


You can also edit their carry directly.


Carry Adjustment Restrictions:

  • You can only decrease carry, since LPs signed for a certain amount. If you want to increase, please reach out to your account manager.
  • You can only reduce your carry– you cannot change attribution (whether AngelList takes 5% carry) if the LP’s attribution has already been set.
  • If you'd like to use this carry value for the LP moving forward on future deals, you can set it as their default moving forward using the checkbox.


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