How does the Wishlist feature work?

Our Wishlist feature allows you to create a list of companies that you'd like to invest into. Add a company to your Wishlist, and AngelList will look for opportunities for you to invest.


How does it work?

  1. Click on the Wishlist item at the top of your Investor Dashboard
  2. Browse or search for companies you'd like to invest into
  3. Enter an estimate for how much you'd like to invest.


When will I be invited to invest?

When you enter your interest in companies, we will do our best to find allocations. Please be patient with regard to receiving invites to invest into your Wishlist of companies. We will invite as many LPs as possible, as soon we have matching opportunities to invest. We will not be able to fulfill all requests.


Are there any eligibility requirements?

Yes, you must be approved to invest in syndicates in order to receive invitations to invest in companies you've added your Wishlist. If you are not already approved to invest in syndicates, you must first finish the AngelList Investor Application, and we will inform you of whether or not you're eligible.


How do I remove a company from my list or edit my target investment amount?

Click on the edit icon next the company you'd like to edit or remove. A modal will open where you can edit the amount you'd like to invest or remove the company from your Wishlist.



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