How do I or my advisors access the AngelList Lead Dashboard for taxes?


Log into your AngelList account and go to this link.

  • Note: You can navigate here anytime from your Lead Dashboard by clicking the "Taxes" button on your account's sidebar. 




From here, any available Schedules K-1 and other tax documents can be downloaded in the Tax Documents tab. By March 1st, a summary of investments expecting a K-1 and estimated delivery dates will be viewable here. You can learn more about when Schedules K-1 and other tax documents will be available for download here.

To enter your Tax Information, click on the Tax Information tab and follow the prompts to enter all of your information. Please confirm or update your tax information to ensure prompt and accurate issuance of your K-1s.

How do I grant my advisors access to the AngelList dashboard for taxes?

You can add a team member to grant your advisors access to your tax documents.

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