How do I connect to a non-US bank account for withdrawal?

To withdraw to a non-US bank account, you'll need to use wires. At this time, AngelList can not support withdrawals via USDC/DAI or other cryptocurrencies. ACH is only supported by US banks and some Canadian banks. International wires typically take 3-5 business days to arrive.


1. Go to your funding accounts page.

2. Select “Add Bank Account” under “Wire Withdrawal Accounts.”Screen_Shot_2021-09-24_at_2.37.51_PM.png

3. Enter the information for your non-US account and click the "Add Wire Account" button.

4. You will now have the option to click "Transfer Funds." Click the "Transfer Funds" button, and select the account you just added as the "To" field. Enter the amount you'd like to transfer, and click "Continue."


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