Can I cancel or reduce my investment after signing for it?

You’re committed to an investment once you electronically sign the required documentation (electronic signatures are added by clicking the checkbox and the "Commit & E-Sign" button during the LP Investment Flow).



If you wish to cancel or reduce the investment after submitting the paperwork, you must email our team at to see if that is possible. All commitments are considered final and we are only able to cancel or reduce your commitment in rare circumstances. We recommend only signing for investments you are able to fund. Too many investment reductions or cancellations may have negative consequences, including restrictions on your ability to make investments on the AngelList platform.


Why can't I cancel or reduce my investment? Why is canceling or reducing my investment penalized?

When you invest in deals, you e-sign the closing documents and commit to funding these investments. When LPs cancel investments, this creates a negative experience for all parties involved - the lead, portfolio company, and other LPs. Throughout the fundraising process, the lead and our team are in contact with the portfolio company on the status of the raise. If the raise amount falls due to unexpected cancelations, this creates some potentially negative outcomes. This can delay financing rounds, lead to re-drafting of the legal documents, or create a strained relationship with the lead and portfolio company. 


What if the deal terms have changed?

If the terms of a deal are materially changed after you have committed to an investment, AngelList will notify you by email and give you the option to opt out of or reduce your investment without penalty.


What if my investment is a rolling fund subscription renewal?

Rolling funds may allow for changes once the initial investment is complete. See the "Can LPs increase, decrease, or cancel their subscription to a Rolling Fund?" article for more details.

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