Can I transfer my investments from one investment entity to another?

Please email to request information about transferring your investments to a new entity. We can typically only transfer investments for tax or estate planning purposes. 


Our process and the document requirements therein is outlined below:

1. Transfer Details & Tax Documentation
  • Signed copy of the appropriate US tax withholding information form for the transferee - either Form W-9 (US investors) or one of the Forms W-8 (non-US investors)  
  • Legal name, entity type, and jurisdiction of organization of transferee
  • Name of signatory for transferee (if the transferee is an entity)
  • Transferee e-mail address
  • Names of the funds with interests you wish to transfer and the % of each interest you wish to transfer
  • Description of the transferee's relationship to the transferor
2. Interest Transfer Form Prepared & Executed
The respective fund administrator(s) will prepare the transfer documentation. 

3. Creation of Transferee Investor Account 
If the entity to which you are transferring interests has not previously made an investment on AngelList, it will need to have an investment account created. 
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