Why am I not receiving emails from AngelList?

If you’re not receiving emails from AngelList, check to make sure the emails aren’t going to your spam/junk folder. In addition, make sure your email address is spelled correctly and is free of typos.

You can check the email addresses on your account by navigating to "Account Settings" in your investor dashboard. Click your photo in the top right of the page to access:


Once in the Account Settings Page, select the "Emails" tab to edit your email settings. On this page, you can check the email address that you currently have associated as the Primary email address on your profile, and see if it has been successfully verified. If your email address has been verified, it will have a "verified" tag attached.


Adding a Secondary Email/Changing the Primary Email

In this page, you can add additional email addresses as secondary email addresses on your account, and update those to be the new primary email address associated with your account per your preference. Add the new email address you wish to use in the "Add Email address" box (more details on switching your primary email address in this Help Center Article). 


Unblocking Emails from AngelList

On this page, you can also find out whether your email address is blocking AngelList's emails, and unblock them. If your email address has blocked emails coming from AngelList, you will see a red "Blocked" indicator beside your email address. To unblock emails from AngelList, click the "Unblock email" button.


If you don't receive the verification email or continue to have issues receiving emails from AngelList, please email invest@angellist.com for assistance. If you are looking to provide other people with access to your AngelList account (Assistants, Partners, Accountants, etc.), please see this Help Center Article about adding Team Members.

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