What are the key dates for my Rolling Fund? For me? For LPs?

Key Dates for Launching Quarterly Funds:

Generally, new quarterly funds are launched on the first day of every calendar quarter (i.e., January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st); however, the first quarterly fund in a Rolling Fund program can be launched any time in the first two months of the calendar quarter.

Key Dates for Initially Subscribing Limited Partners: 

To gain exposure to the currently operative quarterly fund, a Limited Partner must subscribe by the last day of the second month of that quarter. Limited Partners who subscribe in the last month of the quarter will be subscribed to the next quarterly fund. 

Key Dates for a Continuing Limited Partner’s Subscription:

Funding notices for the next quarterly fund will be sent two weeks before the start of that quarter. These funding notices will include a summary of other key dates, including the timing of any ACH transfer initiations (if applicable). After the initial funding notice email is sent, reminder emails will be sent to Limited Partners periodically. To guarantee exposure to a quarterly fund--and maintain “carry crossing” if under a multi-quarter subscription period--Limited Partners must fund their subscription by the end of the next quarter.

For example: to gain access to a Q1 quarterly fund, an LP must fund their subscription by March 31st.

Key Dates for Making Investments:

Any investment opportunity submitted to the AngelList platform will belong to the quarterly fund deploying at the time the investment was submitted.

For example: an investment opportunity submitted on May 15th will belong to the Q2 quarterly fund. See more information about "pending investments" here.

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