What's the process and timeline for setting up a venture fund?


You can think about the set up process 


Stage 1 | Pre-Launch: Information Collection & Definition

We'll work with you to define the key fund attributes that best fit your goals for the fund. This includes defining things like fee schedules, closings, and capital calls.

Timing: Depending on your goals and questions, this step usually takes 1-2 weeks.


Stage 2 | Fund Page Creation and Launch

We'll take the information you've provided in Step 1 and turn it into a fund page that you'll be able to share with LP's.

The fund page will include:

  • Key details on the fund's thesis and economics
  • Information regarding your investment track-record
  • Legal agreements 
  • An investment flow for LP's to legally subscribe and fund their commitments.

Timing: The fund page creation step usually takes 1-2 weeks.


Stage 3 | Fund Marketing 

Once you're happy with your fund page, you'll be able to launch your private fund page and create customized links for LP's to visit the fund page and make commitments to invest in your fund. 

Timing: The time it takes to market your fund to LP's is highly variable. Some GP's launch their fund when all of their LP capital has already been soft-circled (i.e. informally committed). In that case, the GP may stop fundraising just a few weeks after launching. Other GP's actively market their fund for six months or more in order to complete the LP closing process.


Stage 4 | Initial Closing

Once you've collected one or more subscriptions from LP's you can formally hold a closing. More on closings can be found here: How do I close LP's into my venture fund?


Timing: You can hold an initial closing as soon as one LP has completed their subscription to invest.

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