Can I use AngelList if I don't have a strong LP network?

Yes, you can still use AngelList if you don't have a strong LP network. However, in order to run a deal, you'll need to raise at least $80,000 ($72,000 allocation + $8,000 of setup costs pro-rated across LPs).

How can I build my LP network?

If you create a public syndicate profile, LPs can discover your syndicate in our syndicate directory and apply. In addition, if your deal qualifies to be sent out to our Private Capital Network, these LPs may choose to also back your syndicate directly.


What if I don't have enough LPs to fill an $80,000 allocation?

A small percentage of deals qualify for AngelList capital, as determined by our Investment Committee*. Depending on their decision, AngelList Access Fund will invest up to $45,000, and you may be eligible to send invites to our Private Capital Network (a group of active, high net-worth investors).


* The Investment Committee may change without notice. Investments will generally be approved by a majority vote within the Investment Committee.

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