What's the difference between a "user profile" and an "investor account"?

A user profile is associated with a specific e-mail address and profile on AngelList.com. 

An investor account is the formal legal entity that makes an investment. An investor account can be an individual, a trust or an entity like an LLC or LP.

A user profile may have multiple investor accounts associated with it. 

Each investor account can have multiple team members that have various permissions. Each team member is added based on their user profile. The investor account's owner can add team members and adjust permissions. 

For example:

  • Jane Doe may use her Jane Doe user profile to create the Doe Family Revocable Trust investor account. She may also create the Jane Doe investor account to invest personally as an individual. Both investor accounts are associated with Jane Doe's user profile.
  • Jane Doe may then add her accountant John Smith as a team-member so that he can access both the Jane Doe investor account and the Doe Family Revocable Trust investor account to review tax returns and financial reports. John Smith will do this using his John Smith user profile. 

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