What happens if I do not submit a Form W-8 or W-9?

Tax information (a form W-9 or W-8) is required to be submitted through your AngelList dashboard. This information will appear on any Schedule K-1 you will receive and is critical for determining any applicable state residency filings or withholding obligations.

Missing or invalid information may result in delayed and potentially incorrect K-1s. We are typically unable to make amendments to issued K-1s for information provided to us after late.

Taxpayer information on forms W-9 or W-8 is dependent on the individual taxpayer's situation. To ensure complete and accurate forms are submitted, we recommend consulting your tax advisor for further assistance.

Distributions from investments on AngelList will not be processed until valid information is on file.

Please refer to the following articles for more information on how to access your AngelList dashboard to submit tax information:

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