Where can I find wire instructions?

Our general wire instructions are always available on your Funding Accounts page (venture.angellist.com/v/i/invest/accounts). Click the "Wire Instructions" button, and you'll see a pop-up with the specific information.


Please include the memo listed, as it helps us attribute your wire to your account and process your wire as quickly as possible. Failure to include the memo may result in delays. There are two memo codes that you will have access to: 

  • Investment-specific memo: 
    • This memo code will begin with "INV", and this is the investment-specific memo code. By using this memo, your wire will be automatically applied to its corresponding investment on your account. This memo code is helpful in case you have multiple pending investments and would like to send a wire for a specific one.
    • You can access this memo code by clicking on the deal from your Deals Commitments page > Choose to "Continue" on the pop-up message > Click "View Wire Instructions" on the Next Steps page.
  • Generic memo code:
    • Using this memo code, we will apply funds to the pending investment that is most urgent.
    • This memo code is found on your Funding Account once you click on "Wire Instructions".
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