How do capital calls work?

Fund leads can choose whether they want to require all capital from investors when the fund starts, or if investors can break the capital up into more than one transfer. When a lead chooses to have investors contribute capital at multiple points, and they want to request the next installment from investors, they "call" capital.

If you've invested in a fund with capital calls, your lead should provide you with an idea of when capital calls will take place. When they initiate a capital call, you'll receive an email from AngelList with the amount to transfer and the deadline.

You can also access your capital call directly through your Investor Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Portfolio page
  2. Click on the relevant fund in the table of investments
  3. You'll be taken to the investment details page for that investment. If you have an outstanding capital call that you have not yet completed, you'll see a banner at the top of the page that indicates the amount you need to send to your funding account.
  4. Click the "wire funds" link in the banner to navigate to your Funding Accounts page to initiate an ACH transfer or view wire instructions to fund your account.

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If you have questions around the deadline or amount, you can discuss with your fund lead directly through your message center.

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