What information will I see about a deal?

All deals will include the following information:

  • Deck
    • Created by the company– an overview of the business and related metrics
  • Deal Memo
    • A write-up from the lead on why they believe this is a good investment
  • Co-Investors
    • List of other investors investing in this round
  • Past Financing
    • Financing this company has received during previous rounds or in the past.
  • Risks and Disclaimers
    • The risks related to this specific company/investment.
  • Round
    • Whether you're investing at pre-seed, seed, series A, series B, etc.
  • Instrument
    • Whether you're investing via SAFE, Equity, or Convertible Note
  • Discount
  • Pro Rata Rights Included?
  • Allocation
  • Syndicate Lead's Investment
    • How much the lead is investing into the syndicate
  • Total Carry
    • The carry (% of profits) the lead will take on your investment
  • Closing Docs

You can see all of this information in the righthand sidebar on the deal page. Here's an example:


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