How can I access additional capital sources via AngelList?

During SPV or Venture Fund setup, you can choose whether you’d like your deal to be eligible for additional capital.

When you submit your deal or fund, all information remains private and is only shared with the investment committees from AngelList and SAX Capital. Depending on the specifics of your deal or fund, it may be eligible for additional capital from the AngelList Private Capital Network and Quant Fund. SAX Capital will separately evaluate eligibility for investment by the Access Fund.

For SPVs, you can track whether you’re eligible for additional capital in the Overview tab of your Deal Dashboard within your Lead Dashboard.

SAX Capital Access Fund

Certain high quality deals or funds will qualify for an investment from the SAX Capital Access Fund. If your deal meets this bar, you’ll receive a direct investment and, for your SPV, see the Access Fund as an investor in the Deal Dashboard.


Quant Fund

The Quant Fund uses data about your deal or fund and the company receiving investment and programmatically determines whether to invest. Learn more


Private Capital Network (PCN)

The AngelList Private Capital Network (PCN) is a small community of select professional investors on AngelList. You’ll be notified via email if your deal or fund is eligible to be sent to PCN. If your SPV is eligible, you can choose whether you’d like to invite them to your deal.

All members of PCN are under NDA.

[SPVs only] Platform Capital Invites

If your SPV is eligible for PCN, you are also able to invite up to 1k high net-worth individuals outside of your network via Platform Capital Invites. Learn more


There is no guarantee that any specific deal or fund will be eligible for any additional capital from this submission, nor is there a guarantee that an eligible deal or fund will receive any additional capital from the these sources. 

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