Can I send a wire from abroad?

Yes, you may send wires from abroad. However, all funds must be transferred in USD. We are not able to accept other currencies.

Please note that while AngelList does not charge any fees for receiving wires, there is generally a fee associated with sending international wires. The amount of the fee is specific to your bank but is generally around $20 USD. Please keep this in mind when sending wires, as the amount we receive, and therefore your investment amount, may be less than what you wire. You can contact your bank to determine the exact fee, or you may simply have a lower investment amount, as we automatically decrease investments by up to $50 USD to match the amount received. (For example, if you intended to send $2k USD but there was a $40 USD wire fee, we would automatically decrease your investment to $1960 USD to match the amount we received for your investment.)

Wires are typically assigned 1 business day after they are received. International wires can take 3-4 business days to arrive. This means that an international wire may not appear on your funding account page for up to 5 business days. Once the wire is assigned, it will appear on your funding accounts page. You'll also receive an automatic confirmation email. Please note that we are not able to expedite this process, as the timeline is dependent upon the sending and receiving banks (as well as any intermediary banks). However, you are able to pre-fund your account to make funds available for deals with tighter deadlines.

If you are not able to include the memo from your wire instructions when sending your wire, please email your wire receipt to to expedite the wire assignment process.

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