How can I control the platform capital deal invitations I receive?

If you have self-accredited as having under $2.1M in assets, you will only receive deal invitations from syndicates that you back. If you do not wish to receive deals from a given syndicate, you can leave the syndicate. To leave a syndicate, Click Syndicates in the header of your Invest app, click Your Syndicates, and then find the syndicate you'd like to leave. When you click on the syndicate in question, you'll see a button "Leave Syndicate."


If you have self-accredited as having $2.1M+ in assets, you may also receive direct deal invites. GPs with deals that are deemed very high quality by our investment committee are eligible to send direct deal invites to LPs with a matching investment thesis. You can control the type of direct deal invites you receive by updating your investment thesis. Click on your avatar on the far right side of the header, click "Investor Settings," and adjust your filters as you wish. You can also opt out of direct deal invites entirely by unchecking "All Syndicates" in the Deal Source section.


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