How can I invite LPs to invest in my fund?

Navigate to the Invite tab of your Fund Dashboard. Here you can choose LPs from your existing LP network to invite via email or you can create custom invite links to send.

Sending personalized invites is the most secure way to invite LPs, as each LP receives a personalized invitation with a URL that cannot be opened by anyone else. Alternatively, you can create invite links to send to your LPs.


Personalized Invites (Inviting directly from Fund Dashboard)

With personalized invites you can:

  • Filter for LPs using the same filters available on your LP Network page

  • Filter for LPs by tags (which can be set on your LP Network page or within the Invite tab)

  • Set a custom minimum amount, as well as carry

  • Add a personal message to the invite email

  • Preview the invite email that LPs will receive

  • View your invite history for a given fund- when you sent out invites, to whom, and what your message said.



Custom Invite Links

When creating custom invite links, you can:

  • Set a minimum investment amount
  • Set custom carry



You can also enable or disable the links within your dashboard.


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