How can I send my deal to LPs I don't know?

When you submit a deal on AngelList, it is reviewed by our Investment Committee*. Seasoned investor-operators on our investment committee use their expertise and judgment to approve and invest in high-quality deals.

The highest quality deals with qualify for a $50K investment from AngelList Access Fund. If your deal meets this bar, it will also be sent to our Private Capital Network, a collection of very active LPs on our platform, with your permission. In addition, you may optionally send out invites to up to 1000 high net-worth individuals on our platform via Platform Capital Invites.

If your deal does not qualify for an investment from AngelList Access Fund, it may still qualify to be sent to PCN. If it qualifies for PCN invites, you are also able to invite up to 1000 high net-worth individuals via Platform Capital Invites.


* The Investment Committee may change without notice. Investments will generally be approved by a majority vote within the Investment Committee.

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