Can I send LPs different minimum links?

Yes, you can send LPs different minimum links. Navigate to the "Invites" tab on the deal dashboard for the deal in question. Once there, scroll down, and you'll see "Shareable Invite Links," where you can create links for custom minimum amounts to send to LPs. When using custom invite links, we recommend sending restricted links whenever possible.

To create a custom invite link, scroll to the bottom of the Invite LPs tab and click the "Create Invite Link" button.



You must select a minimum investment amount for LPs, and you can additionally set a maximum investment amount, if you'd like. You can also adjust your carry from the default (20%).


You can manage custom invite links from your GP Dashboard. You can create custom subscription amounts and periods as well as different carry and management fees per each new link. Just click the "Create Invite Link" button to get started. Creating a new link will not change your fund's default minimums and terms.

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