How do I invite LPs to my deal?

To invite LPs to your deal, visit the "Invites" tab on the deal dashboard for the deal in question. 

You have 2 options when inviting LPs to your deal.

  • Personalized Invites
  • Custom Invite Links

Sending personalized invites is the most secure way to invite LPs, as each LP receives a personalized invitation with a URL that cannot be opened by anyone else. Alternatively, you can create invite links to send to your LPs. For security reasons, we recommend that you use a restricted link whenever possible so that only LPs in your syndicate can view your deal.

If you send an invite to an LP that is not already part of your syndicate or a co-syndication, they will be attributed directly to you. 

Personalized Invites (Inviting directly from SPV dashboard)

With personalized invites you can:

  • Filter for LPs using the same filters available on your LP Network page
  • Filter for LPs by tags (which can be set on your LP Network page or within the Invite tab)
  • Set custom minimum and maximum investment amounts, as well as carry
  • Send an invite email with no character limit
  • Preview the invite email that LPs will receive
  • View your invite history for a given deal- when you sent out invites, to whom, and what your message said.


Custom Invite Links

When creating custom invite links, you can:

  • Set an optional, maximum investment
  • Set custom carry or waive carry (regardless of your setting, AL-attributed LPs will pay 5% carry to AngelList)
  • Restrict links to syndicate backers and whether non-backers are prompted to back your syndicate or simply see an error message

Please note, “General Solicitation” of a deal is not permitted for standard SPVs on the AngelList Platform. Please contact your Venture Capital Associate for additional information.


You can also enable or disable the links within your dashboard.


Blocking LPs

You can block individual LPs within your syndicate or block LPs with specific tags from viewing the deal. This should only be necessary to use if you're sending out custom invite links.

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