How can I increase the number of applications to my syndicate?

The best way to increase applications to your syndicate is to have lots of deal flow and great deals.

When LPs search for syndicates, they often search for syndicates with an active deal or with high dealflow. The more deals you do, the more likely you'll fall into this bucket.

In addition, when you bring a high quality deal to the platform, it may be eligible to be sent out to the AngelList LP Network. There are two pieces to this: PCN and Platform Capital Invites. PCN is our Private Capital Network of high net worth individuals. These individuals receive invites to the best deals on the site, and they often choose to back the syndicate if they like the deal. In addition, you may qualify for Platform Capital Invites, which allows you to search for LPs in the AngelList network and send up to 1000 invites for your deal. LPs often back syndicates that they receive good deals from.

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