Can I name the syndicate SPV?

Your AngelList syndicate name is the name that your LPs will see when interacting with your syndicate on the AngelList Venture platform. You can make this anything you like, as long as it's not already in use on our platform -- most GPs who have a VC brand use this brand for their syndicate name.

When setting up a syndicate SPV, you decide the SPV's legal name that will appear on the cap table for your investment.

You'll also decide on a master LP for your syndicate– this name needs to be available in the Delaware registry. Your Master LP name appears on the cap table as part of the SPV name. For example, if your master LP Name is Jane Doe Investments, LP, then your SPV name for a deal might be AC Fund 1, a series of Jane Doe Investments, LP, which appears on the company's cap table.

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