Please note: Notifications are currently only available for SPV workflows. You will only see notifications on dashboards that are actively running one more SPV. We will be adding more notifications for other workflows soon. If you have any feedback, please reach out to

Notifications menu

You can see notifications related to your dashboard by clicking your Venture Firm avatar in the upper left hand corner of the navigation bar.

There are two notification types: Updates and Action Items.

Updates include changes that are made on the platform that are related to your investment status and data displayed on the dashboard, and Action items for time sensitive tasks related to you or your team that need to be completed.



Updates are changes are made on the platform that are related to your investments & dashboard data. For example, when you submit an SPV for review, you will receive an Update when it has been approved.

Updates can have two statuses, Unread and Read. All Read Updates appear on your Notifications page and not in the menu.

Note that the Unread and Read statuses only apply to your user account. Anyone on your team who has permission to see Updates will be affected by their own view actions.

Action Items

Action items are time sensitive tasks required of you or your someone on your team to complete. For example, if you’re running an SPV and you have yet to make your own contribution, you will be assigned an action item to do so.

Action Items can have two statuses, Open and Complete. All Open Action Items appear in the Notifications menu and on your Notifications page.

Performing the action prompted by the Action Item will automatically move that item to complete. You can also manually complete the item by clicking on the Complete button when hovering on the Action Item row.

Note: Open and Completed statuses will be shown to everyone on your team. Anyone on your team who completes an Action item completes it for everyone on your team.


Managing notifications

You can access the Notifications Page for your Dashboard by clicking on the “View all” button in the Notification menu.

The notifications page allows you to see all of your read and unread Updates and Open and Completed Action Items in one place. Here you can change Notification statuses as needed and see all notifications you have received on the platform.

Note that this does not include email notifications at this time. Click here to learn about setting email preferences.


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