New Platform Navigation (November 2023)

Why the change?

AngelList builds and offer products products to GPs, LPs, founders, fund admins, lawyers, and more. Many of our customers use for more than one use case (EX: a GP that is also an LP, a founder that is also a GP, a fund admin that works with multiple different funds, etc).

As we have continued to build new offerings and updates to our existing ones, the platform has become increasingly challenging for many of our customers to navigate their way around. This change in global navigation that was rolled out in November 2023 provides an easier, more clear way for our users to find what they're looking for.

What is different?

New navigation sidebar

In order to help you navigate easier and faster through the AngelList platform, we're introducing a navigation bar on the left side of each page. This is a change from the previous vertical navigation that was at the top of every page. This left sidebar is how you can switch between different apps and dashboards.

Dashboard switching

Looking to switch between your investing account, venture firm, or company dashboard? You can use the navigation bar to seamlessly access all of your AngelList dashboards by clicking on the current name of the dashboard you are in. This is how customers that use AngelList for more than one use case will find their way between different products (previously known as "Lead" "Invest" or "Build").

Account management

Your account menu lives at the bottom of the navigation bar. Here is where you can manage your account preferences and security.

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