What if your system doesn't recognize my ID?

There are many reasons our system might not recognize your ID. First, please check that the ID you are uploading:

  • is valid (unexpired)
  • is in color
  • includes your full name
  • includes your picture
  • includes your full date of birth
  • uses a high resolution format. Please ensure that the photo ID is clear, in color, and none of the details are obstructed
  • matches the country you entered. Note: this does not have to match your country of residence. For example, if you are a French citizen living in the US, you could upload your French passport or your United States driver's license, as long as both met the requirements above. However, you would need to select France when uploading your French ID and United States when uploading your US ID.

You can find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our secure third-party verifier's system here.


If your ID meets all of the criteria above and is still failing, our team will conduct a manual review and follow up with any additional action items. While our team strives to respond as quickly as possible, please note that this may take up to 3 business days depending on the nature of the error(s). If you have invested in a deal that is closing in the next 3 business days, we will automatically prioritize your entity. 

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