What evidence do I need to provide to prove that I am accredited as a non-US individual investor?

There are 3 types of evidence that you can provide to prove that you are accredited to invest as a non-US individual. Note that you will need to meet US accreditation standards even if you are not a citizen or resident of the US. 

Documents must be in English. We recommend obtaining a third-party accreditation attestation (see option 3) if your documentation cannot be translated. 

1. Income Evidence 

All income requirements are in USD. Non-US investors will need the equivalent - we convert non-USD income using IRS annual average exchange rates for the appropriate years.

  • The individual income requirement is an annual income of more than $200k. The joint income requirement is an annual income of more than $300k. Both thresholds require you to have a reasonable expectation of reaching the same in the current year.
  • Documentation must be for two consecutive years within the past two years – e.g. as of 2023, we can either accept forms from 2021+2022, or 2022+2023.
  • If you plan to rely on joint income for one of the two years, you must meet the $300k threshold for both.
  • If your spouse does not share your surname, we may ask for a marriage license or certificate before considering their individual tax documentation.
  • Documents must be official tax documents in your name. W-2s, 1040s, K-1s, and their non-US equivalents are preferred.
  • We cannot accept internally prepared documents or documents from employers. We will always request the original tax documentation when available.
    • Exception: We can accept official pay stubs alongside an employment verification letter when tax documentation is not available for the most recent year only.
  • We cannot annualize your earnings for verification. Evidence must meet or exceed the threshold year-to-date.


2. Net Worth Evidence

All net worth requirements are in USD. Non-US investors will need the equivalent - we convert non-USD assets and debts using IRS annual average exchange rates for the appropriate years.

  • The individual net worth requirement is a net worth of over $1,000,000 USD, individually or together with a spouse - excluding the value of your primary residence.
  • All evidence must list the investor’s name and be dated within the last 90 days, unless otherwise noted. 
  • This accreditation method considers both liabilities and assets. 
  • Liabilities
    • We attempt to automatically run a soft credit pull for users that provide their SSN upon uploading evidence. If this fails, or if you do not have an SSN, we will request a consumer credit report.
    • To consider individual evidence of assets, we require evidence of liabilities in the form of a consumer credit report from a major credit bureau from your region. You will need to provide this.
    • The individual’s mortgage on a primary residence is excluded from the calculation. 
  • Assets
    • Preferred forms of evidence include, but are not limited to:
      • Bank account statements (please note that we are not able to accept balance letters).
      • Brokerage statements.
      • Audited financial statements.
    • We can consider private equity holdings if we receive recent evidence of ownership alongside a 409A valuation dated within the last 12 months.
    • We can accept crypto holdings, provided the investor name is listed on the evidence.
    • If assets held via an entity are to be considered for an individual, we may request additional ownership documentation to prorate holdings.
    • Assets held in irrevocable trusts generally cannot be considered for individual net worth.


3. Third-Party Attestation Letters (this is the generally the fastest method for  verification)

All attestation letters must contain the required language. We recommend using or reviewing our accreditation letter templates, or the linked DocuSign below.

We can accept third-party attestations in lieu of accredited investor evidence, provided the letter is dated within the past 90 days and written by one of the following:

  • Licensed Attorney OR
  • Chartered Accountant from their respective region.

Our accreditation verification process allows you to trigger an automated email to your verifier that is pre-populated with the required confirmation language for them to complete the verification. Alternatively, a DocuSign for third-party attestation of individual accreditation can be found here.

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