Are LPs from any country able to invest in my SPV or fund?

By default, investing entities based outside of the US, Mexico and Canada may not invest:

  1. into SPVs that are investing in companies based in the same foreign country as that investing entity; or 
  2. into funds focused on investing into companies based in that country. 

If you have questions about these restrictions, please contact your account manager or 

For example, a French investing entity may not invest in an SPV into a company based in France or a fund focused on investing in French portfolio companies.

Note: Regardless of where a company is incorporated, Canadian investing entities are subject to additional restrictions. For a Canadian investing entity to be eligible to invest into an SPV, the GP of that SPV must personally invest a minimum of $10k or 2% of the SPV’s total committed capital (whichever is lower). You can read more about these restrictions here.

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