Why do I get an “Invalid form selection” error when submitting my tax information?

When an invest entity is created on Angellist, an investor must designate the invest entity as either an individual or a company. This error occurs if you attempt to provide tax information that is inconsistent with the designation of your invest entity, as the form selection and entity designation are incompatible. 

e.g. You have an individual invest entity and indicate that you are a foreign entity other than individual or intermediary. The correct form is not a form for an entity, but instead is a form for an individual (either a W-9 or a W-8BEN). 

If you believe there was an error when setting up your invest entity, please reach out to taxes@angellist.com for guidance. 

If you believe you are being prevented from filling out the tax information properly, but that the invest entity is correctly classified, please reach out to taxes@angellist.com to request assistance.

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