Answers to Common Banking Questions for Indian Investors

We are unable to assist in filling out forms, and we cannot disclose information about the deals more than what is provided in the Closing Documents available from your dash and your Commitment Statement, which we can provide if needed. If there is information missing from what we can provide, we recommend you reach out to your tax professional/investment advisor for advice on how to acquire that information. 
It's important to note that your investment does not represent direct ownership in the portfolio company. You are investing an SPV (special purpose vehicle) or fund. You own a percentage of the SPV/fund and the SPV/fund owns the underlying assets such as SAFE notes, convertible notes, equity, or other assets. 

Relevant Information and Definitions in the Closing Documents

In the PPM:
  • The Offering (definition found on page 9)

In the Subscription Agreement:

  • Application (definition found on page 6)

Is AngelList regulated?

Yes, AngelList is SEC regulated. 

Is the fund I'm investing in regulated?

In general, the fund may be deemed to be duly regulated vis-a-vis its investment manager's regulatory obligations, which also cover certain operational aspects of the fund. Please refer to the closing documents for details. 

Does the remitter acquire a controlling stake in the company?

Your investment will not lead you to acquire a controlling stake in either the portfolio company or the SPV/fund. Please see your closing documents for details.

Do the recent updates to Indian banking regulations still allow me to invest? 

At present, the decision to allow the funding of relevant investments is at the sending bank’s discretion. While some banks have refused to support these payments, many others hold a different position and continue to support transfers to AngelList. While we cannot provide a specific suggestion or financial advice, you may be able to continue investing via another banking partner.
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