What is the pricing for add-on services for SPVs?

SPV setup and add-ons costs are distributed pro rata across all of the LPs in an SPV. The amount is pro-rated across LPs based on investment amounts, meaning an LP will pay its share of fees relative to its ownership percentage of the SPV.

AngelList charges additional add-on pricing for deals with more complex requirements. These fees cover additional fees incurred by the AngelList team, such as complex deployment operations to satisfy international requirements (i.e. notarizations, apostilles, fund KYC), tax compliance reporting, etc.

The full list of add-on services is below:

  • International Investments: $1,000
  • Self-advised SPVs: $1,000
  • Non-standard investments (e.g. investment into off-platform Funds or SPVs): $2,000
  • Crypto investment (e.g. token warrants, SAFTs): $2,000
  • Blocker setup: $6,000
  • 3(c)(7) parallel fund: $12,000
  • Financial statements: $10,000
  • New Master LP (one-time fee): $4,000 (generally covered out-of-pocket by Fund Leads)

For example: An SPV that's investing into a company incorporated outside of the US will pay an additional $1,000, which is prorated across all LPs.

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