What do I need to know about the url transition to angellist.com?

AngelList Venture has historically used the angel.co domain for its website and emails. Starting November 8, AngelList Venture will transition to using a new domain: angellist.com.



GP and investor dashboards will transition from angel.co to venture.angellist.com. If you navigate to an angel.co URL after the transition, you will automatically be redirected to the corresponding page on venture.angellist.com.

For a faster site experience, please update your bookmarks to direct to venture.angellist.com once the transition has occurred.



Emails from the AngelList Venture team will start transitioning to @angellist.com. Emails will transition over the course of 2-3 months, and we expect all emails to come from an @angellist.com domain by the end of January 2023. Until then, you will see some emails from angel.co and some from angellist.com.

Please Note: The logged out AngelList marketing site lives on www.angellist.com. Your dashboards when you log in will live on venture.angellist.com

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